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Victim Support
Services available for Aldridge and Walsall residents.

A charity providing support to victims of crime.


Have you been a victim or witness of crime?

Victim Support offers you:

  • Someone to talk to in confidence
  • Emotional support, practical help & advice on crime prevention
  • Help with criminal injuries compensation/insurance claims
  • Visual Evidence for Victims (VEV)� a service to photograph personal injuries or criminal damage to property for future use if you are not yet ready to report to the police. This evidence can be stored. We can provide this help whether or not the crime has been reported to the Police.

    Witness Service offers you:

  • Practical & emotional support if you have to attend court
  • Information about court procedures & the criminal justice system
  • A safe place to wait until you are called to give evidence

    We are always looking for volunteers to provide this vital service.
    Would you like to help?
    Do you have a few hours to spare?
    You will receive full training and your expenses will be paid.

    For more information on the services we can offer you, or how to become a volunteer, please contact:

    Ann or Mike at Victim Support, 42 Upper Rushall Street:
    Telephone: 01922 644000


    Bernie and Margaret at Walsall Magistrates Court.
    Telphone: 01922 612626

    or Email Bernie Lee-Rose

    or Email Margaret Lewis

    Victim Support is a registered charity and its services are free of charge.

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