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Thanks for expressing your interest in the offer of a free website.

Because i am offering to help you with a free website, where you never pay me for this service, i will not delve into the many good reasons why this free website is so important.

What I can also tell you is that you can have a choice of:

A: An interactive site, based around the blog model, as used by many of the largest companies in the world.

B: A traditional and simple site that could be around 4 pages and will be very effective.

Following a number of concerns and questions about websites, i have added some steps to this process to guarantee your website is yours in every repect:

I have been asked if this new website will be free from adverts, well yes, good news it is totally free from advertising, unless you put it there yourself !

I have also been asked if the website will be under the control of me or anyone else, again good news, only you have total control over your website.

One more thing I have been asked, yes people are so demanding, but they wanted to know if it was very simple, well the answer is yes,for the "Blog type of site, if you can write an email, you have the basic skills required to update your website, so you donít need to pay anyone to do work on the site for you, however the standard site may be a little different, but again, with a little practice, it should be easy to master.

So to recap, your site is totally under your control, in ownership, style, management and content.

Note there are plenty of free opportunities to improve the function and design of the website at any time in the future, all under your own control.

I can also offer free help in future with some more advanced website techniques if you should feel the need.

So how do you do proceed with getting your free website?

Here is what you need to do right now:

To get and keep control and ownership of your website first you need to think of a name for the site, I would suggest for you, name it with your own name eg: ď ď

Donít laugh, it means anyone looking for you will find you in Google very easy, and lets face it, you do want people to find you, and in the future you could use it for your own new ideas, it will still be a great asset to you, but, you can use any name you like, eg: ! ( subject to the name being available of course )


Next you need to get it on the internet highway, this is called hosting, or else you wont be seen by anyone !

You do both these jobs in one go, and it automatically does something special in preparation to make your free website, so please follow this instruction carefully.

( If you want to do it your own way of course you can, but I wont be able to show you how to get the free website, why ?, well, It wont work without this system, simple as that, itís a technical bit of wizardry, without which, it would take many hours, and much as I like to help people I canít spend hours doing this the hard way and free !

Note you will be asked how long you want hosting, so please think about this and if possible take the 36 month option to gain the maximum savings at the lowest rate and taking advantage of the discount.

You can take hosting over a range of time frames, but I can't imagine anyone wishing to create and work on a website for 3 months or 3 years and then have it all taken away and lost forever, just because they did not keep it hosted and live on the internet, but you decide, you have the choices available. ( sadly this does happen to some people )

Go get your domain name and hosting, you have two choices here:

A: Domain & Hosting Service

B: Aldridge web Hosting

** If you have a problem with the links please email me immediately by reply to the email message which directed you to this page, or use this: Contact **

There is also a live person to support you on these domain name & hosting websites, via the phone numbers provided and on-line live chat dialogue box, just in case you need it.

If you already have a domain name, it will still be possible to use my instructions to get your free website after you take hosting.

When you have registered your domain and got your hosting,it's time to set up your website !

Please note down and keep safe all user names and passwords you are using during the registration process.

With your permission and instructions i will set up your website, as either the "Blog Style" or as an alternative i will build a clean simple site from scratch to meet your needs. Following that final step i will also make sure that your new website gets off to a flying start with a link from my own websites ( if you want this additional free option ) as it will help your website gain exposure and visitors.

If you would like to talk to me first call me on 01922 452338, but please let me know how you get along.

Any questions, please email, even if it to say you are unhappy or very happy with this information, I do need to know.



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