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Explore the real Italian life style, tailored for you by contacts in Italy !

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Italian holidays made to measure for your personal needs and enjoyment

Because of my connections and experience with local twinning associations and contacts through my websites from all over the world, I have been approached by a small group from central Italy who are particularly interested in forming a union between Aldridge and Streetly and their region in Italy, initially working from Imola, famous for car racing, fantastic food and beautiful landscape scenary.

The Italians have expressed the wish to host people from our area and their intentions are to provide their guests with a true understanding of the Italian way of life.

They are passionate about sharing their culture and especially their quality cuisine with people from the UK and guarantee participants a friendly welcome and an unforgettable experience.

It is our ambition that the costs involved for participants would be low in comparison to other ways of experiencing Europe as flights from Birmingham to Italy are very competitively priced and are now less than other forms of travel to the continent.

Many twinning associations have to fill a coach to spread costs and make the journey competitive and the time spent on the coach can often be excessive and often uncomfortable, especially for children and the elderly.

Our first thoughts are that flying to Italy is now the best option as it would be far less expensive than travelling via France by coach for example, and so much faster. Journey times from Birmingham are about two hours and party members would arrive so much fresher and have more time to enjoy their Italian life style experience.

People of all ages, students wanting gap year experiences or even the retired looking for that extra quality of personal service are invited to contact me so that the possibilities of such a venture can be explained. Families with children are especially invited as our Italian contacts believe that this personally tailored service will benefit young peoples education and add significantly to their life experiences.

The request I have received is from people in a fantastic scenic area and it is within easy travelling distance of several major Italian cultural centres which means there are no limits on the experience to be enjoyed in Italy.

Your hosts would easily be able to arrange escorted day trips to such wonderful places as Venice, Florence and Lake Como or any other destination which you would like to explore.

The possibility also exists for young people to further their job prospects by working in Italy and my contact in Italy will provide a tailored solution to meet your expectations.

Exchanges are a fantastic way to to enter into the true spirit of town twinning, it is usual to host guests in your home in a future exchange and brings a much more personal and friendly dimension to the holiday experience.

What ever your level of experience or interest may be in Aldridge / Streetly - Italian twinning association then please contact me on 07932 174550 or even better with no cost, just Email me !

Don't forget to let me know what kind of Italian experience you wish to explore !

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  • Family home exchange
  • Work placement
  • Group / club holiday
  • Gastronomic food holiday
  • Cycling / walking holidays
  • Language holidays
  • Family holidays
  • Bespoke tailored holidays

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    Italian holidays made to measure for your personal needs and enjoyment ! Ps, sorry, we can't provide red, white and blue mini cars !

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