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About the Aldridge website was developed to provide a one stop information and resource site for everyone Living, working, or interested in Aldridge area in Walsall, West Midlands.

  • My name is Alan, here's the idea and reason for this website:

  • Based on my experience of searching the internet for information about Aldridge,and having found quite a number of sites, which all promised to provide what i needed, I found the results appeared to be lacking in details and often very out of date, indeed by as much as 9 years..... and much of the content was not local, as sites claimed ! Finally when results were found, often they were dotted all over the internet under different search engines and websites.... not one single website. Naturally these results also suggest that they were not being checked or updated.
    Indeed few websites offer the chance to update the information !

  • Finding a local company or service is a good idea too, because it could mean a faster service and even lower cost, to both the supplier and you as a customer, so that's a good reason to support and use this website. ( I know people who own or work for Aldridge based companies, yet have to supply to London for example, when they are missing work right here !) Ok, so it's not possible to do everything here in Aldridge, but it's good business sense to maximise and work smart locally, and it has all sorts of cost saving implications, yes even eco friendly too.

    Here's a thought, as you drive down the motorway, look at the traffic coming the opposite way, and ask yourself are they going to serve / supply in Aldridge ?'s a funny old world !

  • Since approx 2005 i started to build this site, and now it has more information,than any other "Aldridge" site, and it's accurate and easy to find, plus i personally update with any new information as it becomes available.

  • There will always be more to add, update or amend, thats the nature of providing a website, but i do encourage anyone who has information, to contact me !

  • By Publishing Regular Articles, Features and News about Aldridge, plus a Directory of Businesses, Products and services, my aim is to provide your favourite site.

    Please e-mail me with any information you would like to be included!

    I hope you enjoy your visit today.

    Please come back to make use of all the facilities on my site and check to see what’s Aldridge.

    Many thanks for your support.

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    please let us know !

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