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Aldridge Manor House
Little Aston Road
Telephone: Margaret Francis on 01922 650444 or 07843 211643

Current Time Table for January 2012

DAY .................. TIMES ......................... Activity

  • Monday 6.45 pm � 9 pm U-Choose what you would like to do. 12 � 19 years
  • Tuesday 4.30 � 6 pm Junior Club 8 � 12years
  • Wednesday 7.45 � 9pm Dance 8 � 19 years
  • Wednesday 7.45 � 9pm Be Healthy Activities
  • Thursday 7.45 � 9pm Music/Football/Games Room and more

    Aldridge Manor House DANCE TIMETABLE

    Both males & females welcome. We are hoping to put on a performance the beginning of April 2012. We are seeking more young people to join us 50p entrance fee. Age range 8 � 19 years

    Tap shoes will be provided on the day. For further details please call Margaret 07843 211643 or 01922 65044

    Date..................... Time..................... Activity

  • Wed 11.01.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Street Dance
  • Wed 18.01.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Street Dance
  • Sat 21.01.12.... 11 � 2pm Street Dance
  • Wed 25.01.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Tap Dancing

  • Wed 01.02.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Tap Dancing
  • Wed 08.02.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Tap Dancing
  • Wed 15.02.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm ? am instead Contemporary
  • Sat 18.02.12.... May change to Friday day ? 11 - 2pm May change to 11 � 1pm ? Street Dance
  • Wed 23.02.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Contemporary
  • Wed 29.02.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Contemporary

  • Wed 7.03.12..... 6.45 � 8.45pm Contemporary
  • Wed 14.03.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Tap Dancing
  • Wed 21.03.12.... 11 � 2pm Rehearsals all dances
  • Sat 24.03.12.... 11 � 2pm Rehearsals all dances
  • Wed 28.03.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Rehearsals all dances
  • Thur 29.03.12.... 6.45 � 8.45pm Rehearsals all dances

    Aldridge Manor House FLOETRY CLUB TIMETABLE

    What is Floetry? Its poetry with a flo, you can read it, sing it, rap it, or spit it. It�s up to you.

    Date........................ Time.................... Activity

  • Thu 12.01.12.... 7pm � 9pm Introduction to What is Floetry
  • Wed 18.01.12.... 7pm � 9pm Creating your own floe using rhyming bars
  • Tue 24.01.12.... 6pm � 8pm TBC
  • Thu 02.02.12.... 6.30 � 8.30pm TBC
  • Thu 09.02.12.... 6.30 � 8.30pm TBC
  • Thu 16.02.12.... TBC TBC
  • FRI 24.02.12.... 6.30-8.30pm Offsite Activity
  • TBC by group.... TBC by group

    Come to the Flo,
    Yeh just have a go,
    Create your own style,
    Make people smile,
    as this fun dings only just for a while.

    This project will run until the end March 2012 so look out for further details soon !

    Aldridge Manor House JUNIOR CLUB TIMETABLE

    Are you aged 8 � 12 year and want something to do on Tuesday evenings, then come along to this club.

    Date....................... Time..................... Activity

  • TUE 10.01.12.... 4.30pm � 6pm Consultation and fun games
  • 17.01.12.... 4.30pm -6pm Cookery/Music/Art
  • 24.01.12.... 4.30pm � 6pm Cookery/Music/Art
  • 31.01.12.... 4.30pm � 6pm Presentation night/games

    We aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment for �your� needs.

    Come along and access the following at Aldridge Manor House:

  • computer suite
  • music room
  • kitchen
  • games room
  • art room
  • skating equipment
  • sports facilities

    We offer a wide range of support including; one to one counselling, a confidential health drop-in and holistic health therapy sessions.

    " Walsall Youth Service works with young people to enable them to achieve their full potential, enjoy new experiences and challenges, and participate in improving their lives. Following the community associations handover of the facility, Walsall Youth Service plans to develop Aldridge Manor House as a centre of excellence for the young people of Aldridge."

    The Manor House is a 3 storey, 30 roomed Victorian House, which was fully refurbished between March and July 2007, to provide excellent facilities for young people. This includes a range of equipment, a sports hall, floodlit sports court, computer facilities and several rooms adaptable for a variety of activities

    Mr Dusan Popratnjak, Chairman Aldridge Residents Association, is writing a book about Aldridge Manor House and would be very pleased to hear about you memories and stories to be included in the book and very interested in any old photographs.

    You may contact Dusan by phone on 07790 446670 or by letter.

    Mr Dusan Popratnjak
    106, Whetstone Lane,
    West Midlands
    WS9 OEU.

    You may also send information to Alan at Aldridge website by using the contact link at the top of this page.

    Some additional background information, since being taken over by Walsall Council Youth Services, listed below in chronological order.

    On the 24th October 2007, Aldridge "Rant, Rave & React Event Day" was held at Aldridge Manor House, Little Aston Road, Aldridge, Walsall. WS9 8NJ

    The Aldridge South LNP in conjunction with Community Empowerment Network (CEN) and Walsall Youth Services organised exciting events for people aged 8 and over to enable issues to be raised specifically to the area in which the young people live. The event was designed to enable young people in the area to express their views on the current services and activities available to them and to help service providers identify gaps.

    The focus of the day was two fold:

    1. The consultation was deigned to find out:

  • Which facilities and activities are undertaken by the participant?
  • what facilities and activities is the participant aware of but chooses not to attend, and why?
  • What facilities and activities, that are either unavailable or not known to the participant, would the participant like it to utilise?

    2. The showcase allowed service providers from the public, private and community/voluntary sector to promote their facility and programme of activities.

    Overall the event provided a fun and interactive activity based day for young people.

    The aims of the day were:

  • To enable young people to identify their issues regarding the provision of facilities and activities in their local area
  • To showcase and promote local facilities in the LNP area
  • To identify how young people would like to find out about local activities (i.e. website, directory) Outcomes

  • A comprehensive map of local facilities and activities available to young people.
  • Identification of specific problems, barriers and gaps and what is working well in the provision of services and activities for young people

    22nd feb 2007 Councillor John Rochelle update:

    The Aldridge Manor House is to be run by Youth Services replacing the Youth Services CA arrangement.

    We had a meeting between Andy Driver Principle Youth Officer, Julie of Youth Services, Maureen Plant representing the Bowling Club, Accountant to the CA of Westgate Paul Wilde Walsall Council Constitutional Services and myself. The meeting was full of promise.

    From the CA point of view, firstly it should be known that a short walk away, it is the distance covered by the Parade on Remembrance Sunday, there is both The Aldridge Centre Community Association and the Over 55,s Club.

    Users of the Manor House will now have to pay �10 per hour for each group activity. The cost will be far less, eg the staffing costs for the CA was over �1,000 per week plus many other shared costs such as maintenance and power supplies.

    Youth Services will oversee this, but gave assurances that present users such as the bowling club which meets 7 times a week for 2 hour sessions will be encouraged to use the facility. There are around 100 members of the bowling club, but smaller groups will be looked at sympathetically by Andy Driver.

    The Youth Group will reimburse the CA for recent maintenance costs and purchase the CCTV and other security items which will enable the CA to disengage without any adverse costs remaining.

    From the Youth Services point of view, they are committed to provide a gold standard service for our youth. Committed to deliver Government requirements and to open an Internet Caf� allowed for by the belated but welcome new clause 6 to promote social engagement
    A very agreeable outcome.
    Yours faithfully
    John Rochelle

    Ref: Aldridge Manor House Youth and Community Association

    Councillor Barbara Cassidy wrote the following in December 2006.
    I am writing with some sadness as the only Labour Party Councillor in the constituency of Aldridge and Brownhills to mark the ending of Aldridge Manor House Youth and Community Association, which is based in Little Aston Road.This facility has, for over 50 years, been well used and has provided adult education classes, a youth club and a meeting place for all manner of community groups.

    The building is owned by Walsall council who, without proper consultation, have now told the Community Association that any agreements which existed between the two organisations regarding the building have now ceased and that its usage will now be controlled by the Council's Youth Service.

    Of course we all wish to see excellent facilities provided for our young people but we also want to ensure that local people are consulted when any changes are made to existing arrangements within their locality - after all, local people know their area best and should be allowed to decide what is best for their community.

    The trustees of Aldridge Manor House CA were working towards a viable option to continue with a local partnership.

    However, they are now told that they can hire meeting rooms should they wish to do so at a cost of �10 per hour but, not surprisingly, feel too dispirited to do so.

    This appears to make a mockery of Walsall council's much-trumpeted and so-called dedication to forging and maintaining local partnerships in the guise of LNPs.

    I also understand that Croft Community Association is about to lose its trustees.

    How many other local groups will be allowed to sink whilst paying for the financial mistakes which this Conservative cabinet have made?

    In contrast to this, the Labour Party in Walsall have policies in place which will support local neighbourhoods.

    We believe that all of our council services should be offered on a transparent and wholly accountable basis to everyone in this borough and not only to those who continue to sit in their ivory towers !


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