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Walsall Theft prevention system and lost property register for mobiles and all stolen personal property

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Identidot (Aldridge) Provide digital photography techniques with a DNA Property coding System, which uniquely identify and protect your most treasured & valuable property and possessions. The Identidot Service acts as a powerful deterrent to thieves but, should you have something stolen, Identidot will ensure that photographs and full details of the item(s) are immediately displayed worldwide on the Identidot Stolen Property Register, and most importantly, recovered property will be instantly traced back to you, the rightful owner, helping the Police in their fight against crime and ensuring the guaranteed safe return of your property.
Address: Anchor House, Anchor Road, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands. WS9 8PW
Telephone : 01922 862806

Immobilise Property Register
over 13.5 million users, over 20 million registered items and over 3.6 million items recorded as stolen, when last checked, It is supported by The Mobile phone Industry, Crime Action Forum, The Metropolitan Police, Transport For London, The National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, and the UK Police forces.
Accounts are FREE and you can register as many items as you wish on one account. If you wish once registered you can upgrade and add certificates of ownership and photos to your account.
Only via Immobilise can you flag any stolen item on the UK Police forces Stolen Equipment National Database and on Checkmend website the public and second-hand trade searchable stolen property database.
The information you record can help you after loss, theft and fire to complete insurance claims and report stolen or lost property to the Police.
Buying Second Hand Goods? Use our sister website Checkmend website to check any item is not stolen or in the case of a mobile phone blocked by the networks.
Lost a mobile phone or had one stolen? People agree it's a real hassle. Sign up to the FoneASSIST Mobile Phone Loss and Theft Assistance Service and let them sort it out if the worst happens!
Following the release of the recent street crime figures showing further increases in the theft of property such as mobile phones, iPod, iphones, laptops etc it is even more important that you keep your details on your “Free For Life” Immobilise account up to date, and that you add as many items as possible.
“Up to date” registration means that officers from the 41 UK Police forces that use the system can contact you directly if they recover your property after loss or theft, and that you have all the correct information to complete an accurate crime report and insurance claim in the event of loss, theft, burglary or fire.
Currently over 1000 people a month are being contacted about their recovered stolen property and thousands of pounds worth of mobile phones, iPod, laptops, bikes etc being returned to the rightful owners each week.
Uniquely you can also report the theft or loss of any registered item directly to the Police Stolen Equipment National Database, and the publicly searchable stolen property database Checkmend website via your Immobilise account.
You can now also upgrade your account (if you haven’t already) and add photos of registered items and print out certificates of ownership – very helpful when making an insurance claim or providing details on “Specified Items” to your insurance company.
Ever lost your mobile phone? Then you will know how annoying it is to be without your stored contact details. Immobilise/MEND now provides a simple contact back up service.
Do you ever buy goods from E-Bay or other online auctions?
If you do you should be aware that the Police can now trace stolen goods quickly and simply through their online systems, but uniquely they have made this information available to the public via Checkmend website This means that you can now check if any item you are about to buy has a crime report against it or in the case of a mobile phone if it has been reported as blocked. Remember if CheckMEND knows it's stolen so do the Police so "Don't Risk IT Check IT".
Finally we now offer Immobilise Security Tags and Property Marking Kits for your registered property. These provide a deterrent to thieves as it clearly shows the items ownership is traceable and also helps the Police to identify the item as having been registered.   Checkmend website
read more and see the on-line video tour

Dealing with a Burglary
The Burgled Helpline was set up by Bernard Rix in May 2000. Bernard has worked as a criminal justice consultant since 1990. He has worked with the Home Office, the Scottish Police College, the Police Federation of England and Wales, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Lord Chancellor's Department, as well as with every police force in the British Isles. He has an MBA from the London Business School.
Dealing with a Burglary site

North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch
A neighbourhood watch scheme is a group of concerned residents who form together so that they can act positively against crime and other problems in their area in a variety of ways.
It is and effective way of communication between police and the public. It provides a means for passing on good ideas and best practice, aiming to identify local problems, find solutions and reduce the fear of crime.
Neighbourhood Watch promotes good citizenship and greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime so that effective liaison between the police and the public can be developed.
visit Neighbourhood Watch site

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