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Welcome to the Aldridge website for the "village" in Walsall, West Midlands United Kingdom

Twinned with Aldridge in Alabama

It came as quite a surprise when building this Aldridge website for our town ( locally called a "village" ) in Great Britain to find another village called Aldridge, which is pronounced the same way (AHL-drij) in Walker County, North Alabama, ( AL ) ( 28 miles or 45 km NW of Birmingham ) United States, North America.

As i dont know much about Aldridge in Alabama, maybe somebody will be kind enough to contact me and we could discover and share some information on this page.

I imagine that as the Aldridge in USA is so near Birmingham, much like Aldridge in Great Britain is near Birmingham our second City, there is bound to be some interesting links in the distant past !

What do you think...what do you know, please drop a line to me via the contact page !

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