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Colin Bowen wrote: I lived 134 Lazy Hill Rd in Aldridge from 1946 to 1966. When I was a boy there was a local tramp known as Cukoo Bill, a kind guy who always thanked you for a cup of tea or cake and was known all over for his wisdom. He drowned in the local canal in midwinter and it was later discovered that he was very wealthy and part of the Aristocracy who opted out. I wondered if any readers also remember him in the 1950's ?
Thanks, Colin Bowen

I was born Joan Wilson in Redhouse Lane, Aldridge in 1955. My parents Sid and Beat Wilson had 2 other daughters. (Vanessa and Patricia). We lived in Lazy Hill Road for some years preceding our departure from England in March 1966 when we all migrated to Australia. I am trying to contact relatives and friends in England, and Aldridge in particular. In the early/ mid sixties I remember my mother operating a toy/book shop with someone called Ruby, who had a daughter Sara/h. The shop was in the next block to the Cedar Tree Pub. Ruby and Sara/h were very present in our family life when we lived in Aldridge and I would be interested in making contact with them again. I believe Sara/h may still live in Aldridge.

Lynn Orchard (nee hill) left the following details:
I have been searching through Aldridge website in case i come across my friend, Jackie Hall, although her name is now Jackie Bruce, if anybody knows her please contact Aldridge website by email or phone on 01922 452338, thank you.

Help us put names to old Soldiers in Aldridge !
The Webmaster (Chris) of the Staffordshire Home Guard site, which contains much information about the Aldridge Home Guard and its personalities between 1940 and 1944, is anxious to identify a number of men who appear in a 1943 group photograph.
All of them are either Aldridge residents or from the adjoining areas of Barr Beacon, Brownhills, Little Aston, Pelsall, Pheasey, Rushall, Shelfield, Streetly and Walsall Wood.
They can be seen On the Staffs Home Guard Page Here
If you recognise anyone, you may contact Chris the Webmaster through the above site, or Alan on this website.

Gill Clarke (New Zealand ) left the following details.
Although we now live in New Zealand, we always look at the Aldridge website to see whats going on.
Having lived in Aldridge from 1945-1974, went to school and was married there.
My Father was born there and my children too.
I Still have many relations and school friends in Aldridge who I keep in touch with via email. I hope that Aldridge Rail Station will be re built in future. On my last visit to Aldridge in it was great to see the Manor House still going strong, bringing back many happy memorys of my Youth Club days.
Kind Regards Gill Clarke.

Dorothy Nash (UK) from Northampton is looking for her long lost cousins, Mavis Brookhouse, who was originally from Sutton Coldfield and would be around 70 now, she married John Allen -Alan- Allan ? and they had children Clare and Christopher, living in Gaydon Road, Aldridge.

Dan Brookhouse (Canada) left the following details. Great to see your site. Although I am Canadian, my family roots have a long and strong Aldridge connection. I will certainly be a frequent visitor to the site. Thank You, Dan Brookhouse, Ontario, Canada

Larry Aldrich (USA) sent the following message.
I Am looking for a genealogy section in Aldridge Website or any other source of information. George Aldrich, one of my forefathers, left the U.K., in the late 1500's or early 1600's.

Art Aldridge (USA) sent the following information.
Thank you for taking the time to help me find people with the name Aldridge. You are doing a great service with your website, I have learned a great deal about your village, it seems like a nice place.
From your website, I went to the Aldridge Parish Church site and they had a Census conducted in 1885, there were no Aldridge's living in the area. I guess when my Grandfather and about 10 of his family came through Ellis Island to the United States from Walsall, they just were given or took the surname Aldridge. All of them have passed on now, so it will remain a mystery.
For me your village seems like a nice place so I am proud to bear the name of Aldridge. Some day I hope to travel to England and Aldridge myself.
Warmest Regards, Art Aldridge.

Amanda Maisy (UK) I've lived in Aldridge (Whetstone Lane area) all my life and always worked locally up until 7 years ago when I had to give up work because of ill health. I'm now registered as disabled: My two sons were educated Cooper & Jordan then Aldridge School. My time is spent as trustee to Walsall disability centre (DIAL) Walsall Hospice trustee and I do genealogy research. You are doing an excellent (fab!) job. Amanda.

Ruud Op den Camp (Holland) left the following details.
Hello Alan, thanks you for your help to find my old friends in Aldridge. We are now able to telephone and email each other, With kind regards, Ruud Op den Camp

Tony Kirk (Australia)
I am trying to trace my eldest brother's family, his name is George Kirk and his wife Barbara, they had four children , Ernie, Ronnie, Brian & Susan.

Also in tracing my late brother's family whom live or lived, I believe, in Poxon Road. My brother's name is Malcolm Kirk, known as Mac, he died about five years ago,I would like to get in touch with his daughter.
I was a school teacher at Leighswood Primary School, Aldridge in the early 1970's and would love to hear from anyone whom I may have taught or worked with.
When I was a young teenager I lived and worked in Walsall Wood. I worked in the colliery as a bricklayer underground, having completed my training at the "Valley" as it was called in Cannock.
One of the great characters who worked in the pit whilst I was there, was Drummer Smith and also I remember a young lad I worked with who became a professional boxer and then became a Catholic Priest.
I would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of the people whom I have mentioned and anyone who I may have worked with.
Please Contact Alan at with any information or details, it would be great to hear from you !
Thankyou, Tony Kirk, Austarlia

John & Cay Burns (Spain)
kindly contributed the following article featuring the sunny adventures of Aldridge residents...

Most places seem to be twinned with somewhere these days, if Aldridge is twinned with anywhere, it should be Mojacar (pronounced mohacar) in Southern Spain.

We took some friends, Sue and Rees Jamesfrom the Glades in Aldridge, out there and they were so surprised by the number of Aldridge ex-pats living there, or just out on holiday that they described Mojacar as 'Aldridge in the Sun', I think they were right!

Mojacar is situated in the province of Andalucia approximately mid way between Malaga in the south and Alicante to the north on the 'Costa de Almeria'. Mojacar is blessed with the warmest and driest climate in the whole of Europe. Building height is strictly limited to 3 storeys, and there are 17 kilometres of safe sandy beach. Directly behind Mojacar the Sierra Cabrera mountains rise to 3 thousand feet, so development is limited to a very narrow strip between the mountains and the sea. The town of Mojacar itself is an ancient picturesque mountain village with cool alleyways and narrow twisting streets. Small wonder that once Mojacar was discovered by Aldridge folk they loved it and word spread very quickly.

I have done some research in the links between Aldridge and Mojacar. As far as I know the first Aldridge folk to visit were Malcolm and Jean Smallwood from Birmingham Road who went there in 1981 with Gill and Trevor Young from Honiton Way. They stayed in the only hotel existing at that time,however, even today there are still only a few.

Malcolm told me he booked to go there (Mojacar) thinking it was Majorca and realised his mistake when he arrived at Almeria airport! At that time the town hall was giving away land free of charge provided you agreed to build a house within a certain time. As an accountant, Malcolm saw a bargain and bought some land 200 metres from the beach, he built a house on it 2 years later.

Malcolm later built two more houses, one was sold to some people from Teeside, the other to Lynne and Chris Hughes - Jones from Whetstone Lane Aldridge, though they have since sold it and moved to another part of Mojacar. Around 1984 Sir Frank Price (ex Lord Mayor of Birmingham) arrived and although he is not strictly from Aldridge, he has many connections with the town. Sir Frank started the first estate agents, Price Brown Partnership which is now the prominent agents in Mojacar.

Also to arrive around this time was Keith (Badger) Bradley ex Villa player and his wife Gill, Keith started 'Badgers' a well know bar in Mojacar, Gill's sister still lives in Lazy Hill and spends a lot of time in Mojacar.

Next to arrive in 1988 were Carol and Tom Matthews from Walsall Road, they bought a property with John Holt from Honiton Way. Sadly John Holt passed away and last year Tom Matthews also died. Carol still lives in Mojacar. Diane and Arthur Streetly from Aldridge have been there about 15 years, their daughter Nicki runs a beautician shop and is partnered by Mat Tew of Mojacar Homes (another estate agents). Mat's mother Maureen from Walsall is now partnered by Trevor who's sister Christine has an apartment in Mojacar. Christine and her late husband Chris used to run a transport business between Aldridge and Mojacar.
Other Aldridge people in Mojacar are Max and Dot Newey from The Green. Max runs several companies in the area and now lives in La Parata Mojacar. Alan and Anne Rotherham, who were the club stewards at Aldridge Conservative Club for many years, have a place in Mojacar. Gilly and Julie from Barnes Lane now own the Ponderosa in Mojacar and moved out a few years ago.

We know all of this because we have been visiting Mojacar since 1987. In 1999 we bought an apartment 200 metres from Lance Beach in Mojacar and in 2003 we bought a second place directly looking onto the main beach in Mojacar.Next month we are going to live in the old apartment and continue to rent the one on the beach.
It is almost impossible to walk down the 'Paseo' (promanade) in Mojacar without meeting someone from Aldridge, either on holiday or living there.
Small wonder it is described as Aldridge in the Sun.
John and Cay Burns
The Glades, Aldridge

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