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North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch
Aldridge, Walsall, WS9, West Midlands UK.

The north Aldridge neighbourhood Watch area has its own
NANW website

This includes a weekly report which keeps you fully informed about your local Aldridge area.

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    To find out more about North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch, contact Tony Marshall on 01922 451600.

    Press Release, February 2008:
    From North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch

    Junior Neighbourhood Watch raises the Awareness of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs with young citizens

    Following the success of our “Community Safety” Project with children in Year 5 at Leighswood School Aldridge last summer North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch, in partnership with T3 “Young Person’s Substance Misuse Service Walsall”, have been working hard to raise young people’s awareness to the effect Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs can have on their bodies.

    Tony Marshall, secretary, said “Over the past three weeks we have again been working with children that came to our summer activity. We played a version of the “Family Fortunes” TV game to refresh our minds on how easy it is to make ourselves safe and followed it up with some excellent work produced by the T3 team on tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

    The children were really interested in the topic and it was amazing the amount of knowledge they all ready had on the subjects raised.

    Our thanks go to Brownhills and Aldridge North LNP who have again financed our spring and our summer 2008 projects. Members of the LNP have been immensely supportive and are always interested to know how the project is progressing.

    Junior Neighbourhood Watch is now accepted by the Home Office as a “Good Idea” and with the help of the Walsall Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association and finance from the Safer Walsall Borough Partnership it is really starting to take a hold with 20 Primary Schools in the Borough expressing an interest in taking part. Now with this additional package we can have a real try at making a difference with younger people in our communities. The interest we are receiving in the project from the Police, schools, teachers, neighbourhood watch members and other agencies are very encouraging for the future.” Further details can be obtained from Tony Marshall on 01922 451600

    Press Release, September 2007:
    From North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch

    Top marks for schools project An innovative schools project in the West Midlands has chalked up top marks with the judges of our Group of the Month competition. North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch secretary Tony Marshall is the driving force behind the ‘Safety In The Community’ pilot scheme run for nine and ten-year-olds at their local junior school. It proved such a success that Tony and his team of Watch volunteers and police community support officers have been invited back to the school next year. Now Tony is working on plans to introduce his classroom crime workshops to more schools in Walsall – and hopefully across the country. Tony said: “We really had fun and the children have loved finding out how they can reduce local crime. We have had great support from the school and comments from parents and children are very positive.” During the four weeks the children learnt how to protect their bikes, mark mobile phones, what to do in an emergency and how important it is to be aware of things going on around them when they are out playing. A lot of thought went into preparing for each of the workshops with the accent on creating a series of fun activities – to put across a serious message. “It’s been a wonderful example of team work between Neighbourhood Watch, Neighbourhood Policing and the community,” said Tony. As well as getting the thumbs up from the teachers at Leighswood School, the efforts of North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch has resulted in them winning our September Group of the Month competition. Along with a framed certificate from the UK Neighbourhood Watch Trust, the North Aldridge group wins a top-of-the-range, £99 paper and documents shredder, kindly donated by ACCO Rexel.

    Press Release, June 2007:
    From North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch

    From the 21st June 2007 pupils in year 5 at Leighswood School, Aldridge will have the chance to find out what Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch is and how thier local Neighbourhood Police Team operates as well as how to stay safe in the community. Neighbourhood Watch Secretary, Tony Marshall, said: “The future for Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch and our local community looks good as in partnership with West Midlands Police we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Leighswood School on a pilot project that introduces neighbourhood watch and local policing to pupils in year 5. Over a number of weeks we will be working with teaching staff from Leighswood school, to show the pupils what neighbourhood watch and neighbourhood policing is all about and how the pupils can be safe in the community and also protect their homes and property against crime. As a community we need to involve our young people and this seems a good place to start. It is a project that once tested could be introduced to other interested schools in Walsall Borough and help reduce local crime. Leighswood School has always supported us and this project will compliment the school good citizen curriculum and make a positive contribution to the “Every Child Matters” agenda.”

    Press Release, 29 March 2007:
    From North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch

    Contact: Tony Marshall, secretary, 01922 451600


    “Young people can and want to make a difference in the Community”

    North Aldridge Neighbourhood Watch with 1600 member households and over 80 Street Co-ordinators are delighted with their latest recruit.

    Jonathan Reed, aged 22, has volunteered to become a Street Co-ordinator looking after 24 houses in Highfield Way and a further 16 Warden controlled bungalows in Kingshayes Road

    Tony Marshall, secretary, said: “We always struggle to find volunteers to look after member residents and after asking for volunteers were thrilled that Jonathan came forward. He is a nice young man who is keen to make a difference. The common perception seems to be that Neighbourhood Watch is only for the retired, elderly and nosey neighbours but not so. Everybody has a part to play and we need more young people to get involved and help prevent crime, after all they are our future. North Aldridge is also very lucky to have a young councillor in Mike Flower who takes a real interest in what we do and is very supportive.”

    There is an active committee trying to keep local people informed of issues that affect them, the community. We publish weekly Crime Bulletins that are displayed around the area and a quarterly Newsletter to all our members. A number of our local shops are involved in “Shop Watch” to try and make the area more safe.

    We are trying to encourage younger people as well as others to find out about Neighbourhood Watch so they can help reduce or prevent crime and vandalism in the area. On Saturday 9th June we have arranged for the Community Safety Van to be at the shops at Lazy Hill. People will be able to come along and talk to members of the committee and their Neighbourhood Police Team. We are also hoping to work with our local Primary school, where children in Years 5 and 6 can learn how to be safe in the community and protect their property by being involved in a Junior Neighbourhood Watch programme.

    Anyone wishing to know more about Neighbourhood Watch in North Aldridge can contact the secretary on 01922 451600.

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