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Computers, IT training, support & Software in Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands.

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Siteworker provides Computer Tuition when and where you want it, just call Steve on 07941 376 554, I have been helping people learn how to get the most from their computers for over 20 years and in my experience, I find that most people prefer to learn in their own surroundings at their own pace using their own computer. I live in the North Walsall area and can visit you at your home or office in the Aldridge, Bloxwich, Brownhills, Cannock, Pelsall and North Walsall area on a day and time that is convenient to you. see siteworker website

Midland Networking (Aldridge ) Tel: David Andrews on 01922 456788 or 07872 985358.
We provide all your computer needs, including: Computer Diagnostics, Computers Built to Specifications, Computer maintenance, Software, Hardware and Accessories.
We service Home and Business with a no fix no fee service.
Midland Networking Website

P.C.Smart (Aldridge )
Tel: 01922 452429. Visit our store at 6 Rookery lane in Aldridge, walsall, west midlands. WS9 8NN. We provide all your computer needs, offering: Computer Diagnostics, Computers Built to Specifications, Computer maintenance & Engineering Services, plus a full range of Parts, Peripherals, Software, Hardware and Accessories, all here in the centre of Aldridge
P.C. Smart website

FREE computer and IT training taster sessions in Aldridge area, courtesy of the "Lampost project".
Backed by Walsall College, a fully equipped TOUR BUS is available in Aldridge area

  • please note, if you have a group of people, you may request your own exclusive visit, by calling 01922 654510 or 07010 717 371 or see website for more details

    Just for information.... What factors will affect the broadband speed I can receive?
    Up to 8Mb Broadband uses new technology to automatically provide the fastest speed that your phone line can physically support, up to a maximum of 8Mb (Megabits per second). The actual broadband speed achievable over your phone line depends on its length, the length and quality of any phone wiring in your home, the specification of your modem or router, the speed of connection between your computer and modem or router (Ethernet and wireless are faster than USB), the speed of your computer, and whether all your broadband microfilters are correctly installed. If you live close to Aldridge exchange, you could get the maximum connection speed of 8Mb, reducing to 6Mb, 4Mb, 2Mb or less, the further away you are. Your broadband speed will also vary during the day depending on how busy BT’s network is, the speed of the Internet and of websites you are visiting, whether you’re sharing your connection with others in your home, and whether you have any spyware or hardware slowing down your computer. Typically your speed may reduce significantly during the daily peak period 6-9pm. Typically i have found that speeds of around 6.9 mb are possible in Aldridge and if you would like broadband help including free installation and set up why not give me a call on 01922 452338 or find out more about the cost savings by visiting the
    Utility services website

    I found this site very helpful for .....Security information.
    Learn more about viruses, spam, Trojans, hoaxes, spyware and adware In addition to providing integrated threat management for businesses. Sophos are also committed to raising awareness of computer security. Search our threat analyses, learn more about viruses, spam, Trojans, hoaxes, spyware and adware, and get expert advice from our white papers.
    Sophos website

    Here is another site worth visiting for more information covering all types of fraud and scams, both on-line and off line, all very useful.
    Snopes website

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