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Aldridge Train Station
Walsall, WS9, West Midlands UK.

The latest news and proposals for Aldridge train station, platform, park and ride service including the detailed report.

Aldridge Train Station was closed in 1965

The new railway station for Aldridge, as part of the 13-mile route between Walsall and Water Orton which closed in 1966 following Dr Richard Beeching’s report, could be built by 2017, according to latest talks in November 2007 between Walsall Council, Centro and Network Rail. Plans to electrify the line and re-reopen it for passengers from Walsall to Sutton Coldfield, with further considerations to extend to Birmingham. Six trains an hour could run from New Street to Walsall via Aldridge.

Streetly councillor Gary Clarke, chairman of the West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority said that he would fully support the proposals, which will meet local demands and ease road congestion. A feasibility study will now be started into the reopening of the line to passengers serving a reinstated station at Aldridge.

This website link is very useful for anyone interested in re-opening railway lines or even just sections, with sample letters to write in support, and the latest local information.South Staffs Railway website

Do you wish to support plans for Aldridge Train Station ?
Walsall Council is developing a Rail Service and Facilities Improvement Plan which includes a new rail platform and station in Aldridge with park and ride facilities.

write or email with your views about the plans for the NEW Station
Mrs Marie Newton
Regeneration Directorate
Walsall Council
Civic Centre
Darwall Street
West Midlands
Telephone 01922 652561 ( only telephone if essential )
Email: Send email to Mrs Marie Newton

Walsall Borough Council have set out development plans for the future if a new rail station is proposed by an operator or other organisation and will support and advise any suitable plan.

" The Council supports the provision of a railway station for Aldridge, with associated park and ride facility, on land at Anchor Meadow.

"The introduction of passenger rail services by the creation of a new station would be of enormous benefit to the District Centre of Aldridge. The West Midlands Local Transport Plan includes a proposal for the introduction of passenger rail services from Aldridge to Walsall and Wolverhampton, subject to the availability of resources. The Council also wishes to see services extended to other destinations, including Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham, for the station to reach its full potential. Outline planning permission has been granted for the station at Aldridge. As well as having a park and ride facility, it is also important that the station has good pedestrian links to the core of the District Centre and bus services. "

This is part of support to improve a wide range of services in addition to transport for Aldridge, as outlined in Chapter 13 report

Here is a good website for some historical details and pictures about Aldridge Station

You may also like to visit the following "Railway blog" which includes information about Aldridge: Railway Blog

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