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Local History Books about the Village of Aldridge, in Walsall, West Midlands near Staffordshire.

Aldridge Book Resource

Your search for books about Aldridge, or written by Aldridge residents, .....has just been made much easier, with access to over 60 million titles which includes both new and good quality used books all at great prices, so use our search facilities here to save time and money locating your books.

Charles "Gus" Bonner V.C. by Sue Satherthwaite

 (Image copyright protected by the Bonner family) Buy your copy of Charles Written by Sue Satherthwaite, The Biography of Gus Bonner - Victoria Cross holder and Master Mariner. The picture of Charles George Bonner V.C. is a Copyright protected image reproduced by kind permission of the Bonner family for publication on Aldridge website. The book about world war 1 victoria cross holder Charles "Gus" Bonner was written by Sue Satterthwaite and published in November 2008. You can buy a copy in A4 in size, with a dust jacket, 140 pages and 88 illustrations. All profits made from the sale of this book will be donated to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Leaving the village by Sue Satherthwaite

 Buy your copy of Leaving the village from Aldridge website Written by Sue Satherthwaite, the book contains the fascinating and deeply moving stories of the 101 men whose names appear on the Aldridge War Memorial. It includes details of the family who lost a son in each of the two World Wars, a tribute to the bravery of the village's youngest casualty aged just 16, and an account of the compassion of an Aldridge man who was killed as he dressed the wounds of a German soldier. Sue Satterthwaite also describes what life in Aldridge was like before each of the World Wars. Read about the first aircraft seen over the village in 1913, the closure of the last pit, the parrot who annoyed a milkman and floodlit dancing at Cedar Court. Local Aldridge author and historian, Sue Satherthwaite gives a detailed history of Aldridge War Memorial, considers why the names of five of the seven men who are buried in Commonwealth War Graves in Aldridge Cemetery are not inscribed on it, and ends with memories of the life during the Second World War. Illustrated with copies of more than 100 photographs, maps and other records Sue's third book is a welcome addition to our knowledge of Aldridge and its history.

The History of Aldridge Cricket Club 1853 - 2003

 Buy your copy of The History of Aldridge Cricket Club 1853 - 2003 
 from Aldridge website Written by Robin George Anthony Bolton, A profusely illustrated, detailed history of Aldridge Cricket Club from 1853 - 2003. Chronicling players, matches, events, officials, grounds, tours, traditions and statistics. A record of a Club and its place in Aldridge - now part of the Borough of Walsall. Aimed at current and former members, cricket lovers and all interested in Aldridge history.

The Love Child's Mother by Suzanne Wright

 Buy your copy of The Love Child's Mother from Aldridge website Written by Local Aldridge author, Suzanne Wright has published her first book 'The Love Child's Mother' - telling the fictional story of a teenage girl called Carol, in the 1960s, who is forced to give up her child for adoption. The book reflects a highly sensative portrayal of the trials and tribulations of a mother and explores the way in which adaoption affected so many other aspects of the mothers life into late adulthood. A very moving story and a must for those involved in any way with adoption.

Aldridge Revisited by Jan Farrow

 Buy your copy of Aldridge Revisited from Aldridge website Written by Jan Farrow. Containing over 200 old photographs of Aldridge in Walsall West Midlands, spanning almost a century of history depicting the the growth and changes of Aldridge.


 Buy your copy of The Wonder Is You from Aldridge website The Wonder Is You: Anthology of Poems in Paperback copy by ANDREW BLAKEMORE, with a local Aldridge theme within many of the poems. Andrew John Blakemore was born on January 1st 1966 in the town of Aldridge near Walsall in the West Midlands UK. He was educated at Aldridge School. He later gained a BA honours degree in music. Andrew has been writing verse since the age of 14 but didn't take it up seriously until the year 2001. His mother Doris, is the editor of the Aldridge Methodist Church Newsletter and one month she had an empty space that needed to be filled. She asked Andrew if he could write a religious poem to fill the space and he kindly agreed to do so. His first published work was entitled "A child is born" in January 2001. This was followed by a visual poem called "Look upon this word made cross." Many people enjoyed reading these works and encouraged him to write more. As a result, he soon gained a regular spot in the Church Newsletter. Although it only has a circulation of 250 copies a month, Andrew still recalls how proud he was to see his name and work in print for the first time. As one might expect, many of his poems have a religious and spiritual nature. Andrew has had numerous poems published before by Anchor books and Forward Press and recently released his own 80 page self published book called "Kaleidoscopes and Rainbows" that was very well received. He was recently awarded Forward Press poem of the month winner for July 2007.

Aldridge on old picture postcards by Jan Farrow

 Buy your copy of Aldridge on old picture postcards from Aldridge website Published in 1993, Written by the author Jan Farrow. This is A5 sized, 37 pages, containing 62 old monochromepostcard views and informative captions covering life in Aldridge between 1905 and 1970. This book is no.5 in the Yesterday's Staffordshire Series. The postcards cover the period 1900-70, mainly. Informative captions accompany the high quality reproduced views. Shows scenes such as High St; Manor Cottages; Anchor Road; Avion Cinema; Barr Beacon; Coxfold Farm; Old Irish Harp Inn; Post Office; Elms Hotel; Anchor Inn; Leighswood Road; Walsall Wood Road; Aerial views; Schools; Procession; Bowling; Orphanage; Hockey Team; Leighswood Colliery; Railway Station; Birmingham Road etc. A fascinating read!

Street Names of ALDRIDGE, Rushall, Streetly & Pheasey by Betty Fox

 Buy your copy of Street names in Aldridge from Aldridge website Written by Betty Fox. Street names provide a fascinating history and insight to where you live, complete with old pictures and maps in this A4 size book.

Long Walks & Cream Teas by Karen Ross

 Buy your copy of Long Walks & Cream Teas by Karen Ross from Aldridge website Written by Aldridge resident Karen Ross, the book is a fundraising initiative featuring writings and drawings by schoolgirl stab victim Rosie Ross to raise funds for the charity set up in her memory. Long Walks and Cream Teas features 20 recipes given to Karen Ross by family, friends and supporters of the Rosie's Helping Hands Charity, which supports youth projects, hospitals and other good causes. Among those recipes are anecdotes, illustrations and photographs of family life with Karen's daughter Rosie. The charity was set up in memory of Rosie, an Aldridge School pupil aged 16, who was stabbed to death in a random attack as she sunbathed in Centenary Square on Broad Street in central Birmingham in May 2001.

Aldridge village memories by Stan brookhouse

Buy your copy of Aldridge village memories from Aldridge website Written by Aldridge residents Stan Brookhouse and John Sale. Stan was the Aldridge History group chairman for many years. 100 pages, provides an insight in photographs and informative text of the changes over the last 100 years

Aldridge at war 1939-1945 by Stan Brookhouse

 Buy your copy of Aldridge at war 1939-1945 from Aldridge website Pictorial record of Aldridge before and during the 1939/45 war wriyyen by the late president of Aldridge Local History Society.

Aldridge in old photographs by Jan Farrow

 Buy your copy of Aldridge in old photographs from Aldridge website written by Jan Farrow and published on 28 Nov 1991 with 160 pages

Men Of Aldridge A Local History Of The Area

 Buy your copy of Men Of Aldridge A Local History Of The Area  from Aldridge website Written by Aldridge resident and historian James Gould in 1957 in hardback, with a reprint with additions in 1983 as a softback book.

Dig It Burn It Sell It!

 Buy your copy of Dig It Burn It Sell It!  from Aldridge website Dig It Burn It Sell It! : The Story of Ibstock Johnsen 1825-1990 which includes the Aldridge brick works site. Hardback book

Aldridge history trail by Betty Fox

 Buy your copy of Aldridge history trail by Betty Fox from Aldridge website Aldridge history trail by Betty Fox

Walsall, Aldridge, Bloxwich and District by Eric Woolley

 Buy your copy of Walsall, Aldridge, Bloxwich and District  by Eric Woolley from Aldridge website Walsall, Aldridge, Bloxwich and District by Eric Woolley

Mediaeval Cruck-trussed House in High Street, Aldridge

 Buy your copy of Aldridge history trail by Betty Fox from Aldridge website Mediaeval Cruck-trussed House in High Street, Aldridge, Staffs a Paperback publication by Stanley R. Jones written in 1978

Aldridge, Staffordshire: The official guide

 Buy your copy of Aldridge, Staffordshire: The official guide from Aldridge website Aldridge, Staffordshire: The official guide, softback binding written in 1958 with 43 pages

Below we have listed writers, editors and illustrators with the name Aldridge, which have been checked for accuracy and availability, so you can select and search knowing they are available as new and used books at great prices !

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Stephen Aldridge Dr Susan Aldridge Eve Aldridge Alan Aldridge Sheila Aldridge Rosemary Aldridge

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Roger Aldridge - Bill G Aldridge - Brian Aldridge - Clarice Aldridge - Emma Aldridge
M V Aldridge - G J Aldridge - Rosemary Aldridge - Tim Aldridge - Maggie Aldridge Smith
Alan Aldridge - Al Aldridge - Adrienne Aldridge - Peter Aldridge
Dawn Aldridge - Claire Aldridge - Dr Susan Aldridge - Jerry Aldridge
Dawn Aldridge Poore - James Aldridge - Michelle Aldridge - Jennifer Aldridge
Harold Richard Aldridge - W N Aldridge - Walter Aldridge - Ray Aldridge
Sarah Aldridge - John W Aldridge - Robert C Aldridge - Delores Aldridge
Sue Aldridge - Janet Aldridge - Alfred Owen Aldridge - Josephine Haskell Aldridge - David Aldridge - Bob Aldridge - Janet Aldridge - Gwen Aldridge - Eileen Aldridge - Betty Aldridge - Victoria Aldridge Adele Aldridge - Leslie Aldridge Westoff - Rebecca Aldridge - Dayne Aldridge - Norman Aldridge - Jane Aldridge - Henry B - Aldridge - Jo Aldridge - Don Aldridge - John P Aldridge - Joan Aldridge - John William Aldridge - Mary Aldridge - Meryl Aldridge - Mavis Aldridge - Jean P Aldridge Kitty Aldridge - Kerry Aldridge - Christian Aldridge - Carolyn Aldridge - Ray Aldridge-Morris - Judith Aldridge - Patricia Aldridge - Pauline R Aldridge - Jeffrey P Aldridge - Richard Aldridge - Richard John Aldridge - Ruth Aldridge - Marion D Aldridge - Mary Jaques-Aldridge - Edward Aldridge Annett - Melvin Gene Aldridge - Trevor M Aldridge - Felicity Aldridge - Fiona Aldridge - Percy Aldridge Grainger - Kate Aldridge - Aldridge Knight Bousfield - Lee Aldridge - Jane Sancho-Aldridge

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