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Welcome to Aldridge Crime Watch
Aldridge, Walsall, WS9, West Midlands UK.

Produced by: Kevin Pitt
Community Partnerships Officer
Walsall Police Station
01922 439103

To Reduce crime and disorder and make Aldridge area safer.

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Crime watch Report week ending 5th February 2007

Please be aware as of the 27th of February the penalty for using a mobile phone whilst driving increases from 30.00 to 60.00, + 3 penalty points on your licence. If the case goes to court it can be increased to 1000.00. If using it when driving an PSV or HGV then the fine could be 2500.00 & disqualification (and possible unemployment).

Obviously using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving is becoming a far more serious offence and traffic officers will be keeping an eye open for drivers breaking the law. Can I suggest that HGV/PSV vehicles in particular are fitted with hands free or bluetooth.

Please contact me if you need any more information.

Kevin Pitt Community Partnerships Officer Walsall Police Station Direct Dial: 01922 439103

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