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Welcome to Aldridge Crime Watch
Aldridge, Walsall, WS9, West Midlands UK.

Produced by: Kevin Pitt
Community Partnerships Officer
Walsall Police Station
01922 439103

To Reduce crime and disorder and make Aldridge area safer.

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Crime watch Report week ending Friday 13 July

Incidents of Note:

BURGLARY DWELLING SAT 07-JUL-07 20:30 to SUN 08-JUL-07 09:00 THE LEASOW Unknown Offenders Approached Insecure Dwelling House Entered Kitchen And Stole Black Leather Wallet And Contents And Keys To Hyundai Coupe Offenders Then Stole Said Vehicle From Drive Making Good Their Escape

BURGLARY DWELLING FRI 06-JUL-07 21:00 to SAT 07-JUL-07 08:30 WESTBROOK AVENUE Unknown Offender Entered Into Property By Secure But Unlocked Front Door Went Through Trouser Pocket, Removed Keys For House And Car Went To Car Parked Up On Front Garden Entered Car And Stole Radio.

ROBBERY-PERSONAL PROPERTY TUE 10-JUL-07 10:35 to 10:44 HARBOROUGH DRIVE Offender/S Have Approached Ip From Unknown Direction On The Pavement. Offenders Have Then Took Hold Of The Ips Left Arm And Forced A Shopping Bag From Her Left Hand. Ip Has Then Fallen To the ground during Which Offenders Have Made Off By Unknown Means In Unknown Direction

ROBBERY-PERSONAL PROPERTY SUN 08-JUL-07 10:30 to 10:35 ROOKERY LANE Whilst Ip Has Been Walking Along Offence Location Offender Unknown Has Approached Ip From Behind Whilst She Has Been Carrying Her Shoulder Bag To Her Side Offender Has Then Grabbed Ips Bag Causing Her To Fall To The Floor And Incure Minor Injuries Stated And Drop Her Bag Offender Has Then Made Off With Ips Bag And Contents Making Good Escape Towards Portland Road Aldridge

THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE SUN 08-JUL-07 23:00 to 23:08 WHETSTONE LANE U/K Suspect Have Approached Stationary Vehicle Parked On Ips Driveway Ford Puma Smashed Window With U/K Implement And Caused Damage To Frame Of Window Suspects Have Taken Ford Puma Stereo And Made Good Escape

25 Years of Neighbourhood Watch.

To celebrate the quarter-century of neighbourhood watch in the UK we would like to hear from long serving neighbourhood watch coordinators. If you, or someone you know, have been in neighbourhood watch for some time (about 10 years or longer) please let me know. I would like to hear about your experiences, how you became a NW coordinator and how you think NW has changed. I will be submitting some of the best stories to the West Midlands Police newspaper “Newsbeat”.

Current E-mail Scams

I’ve been informed of two similar scams currently doing the rounds:

The first is sent by one Sir Kenneth Howard III stating that you have won £500,000 in the UK Online Lottery and comes complete with National lottery logo.

The second appears slightly less sophisticated but again claims that you have won a similar amount in the British National Lottery.

These are ‘phishing’ (fishing) exercises for your bank details. Under no circumstances should you send any bank or personal details to these people.

Distraction Burglary

The above offence occurred between 1100 and 1150 hrs on 10/07/07 in Forest Lane, Coalpool, the home address of an elderly lady. An offender knocked on the front door stating he was from the Water Board and there was a bad leak. The offender spent about an hour inside the property with the victim, looking round the back yard and under the sink and asking the victim to empty cupboards. Once the offender had left, the victim realised that a search had been made of the upstairs and £60 cash had been stolen. The offender is described as a white male, 5'8" tall, medium build, short brown hair, 30 yrs, clean shaven, wearing a black shirt and grey trousers.

Crime watch Report week ending Friday 20 July

Incidents of Note:

THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE SAT 14-JUL-07 16:00 to SUN 15-JUL-07 11:00 WHETSTONE LANE Offenders Went To Secure Unattended Renault Extra Van Light Blue Removed Front And Rear Plates Made Good Escape No Witnesses Or Cctv

THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE SUN 15-JUL-07 18:30 to 21:30 THE GREEN U/K Offender Gained Access To Ips Vehicle Silver Mazda And Have Stolen An Ipod File Transmitter From the Glove Box No Damage Caused

THEFT OTHER THU 19-JUL-07 02:30 to 06:00 BIRMINGHAM ROAD Persons U/K Have Gained Access To Rear Garden By Walking From Front And Along Side Of House (No Gate) Gone To Secure Pigeon Loft At Bottom Of Garden Opened Bolt To Gain Access And Steal Pigeons From Within Making Good Their Escape

Distraction Burglaries On 19 July, a bogus official claiming to be from the water board called at a house in Calderfields Close. The elderly victim let him in as she was expecting callers as her kitchen was to be upgraded. Whilst in the property, the offender got the IP to check water flow while he went to the bedroom. An untidy search of the bedroom was made but it would appear nothing has been stolen. The offender has then made good his escape. He is described as an Asian male, 5'6 - 5'10, 20/25 yrs old, medium build, short dark hair, smartly dressed wearing a dark navy suit and shirt and was well spoken with a Walsall accent. This appears to be one of a series where the offender has targeted householders who are expecting workmen. Police are investigating the possible links at the moment. Please make all neighbours aware.

Suspicious Vehicle Activity
A Blue Peugeot ‘K’ reg (believed to be false plates), has been seen on 3 occasions this week, acting suspiciously in Pavillion Close. On board, 4 white males and 2 asian males have been seen. Please be aware.

POLICE community support officers (PCSOs) will be based outside McDonalds this weekend offering crime prevention advice and literature to the local community. Officers will be available all day on Saturday 21 July, between 10.00am and 6.00pm, in the Community Action Van outside McDonalds on Daw End Lane, Rushall. As well as offering crime prevention advice and literature, PCSOs will be providing free property marking for residents who bring personal property along with them. PCSO Robert Jones from the Shelfield and Rushall neighbourhood team said: "These days will give people a chance to come and get their property marked free of charge. We especially want to see anyone with a satellite navigation system, as these systems are highly desirable and are a target for thieves. It also gives people an opportunity to meet their local officers and talk about concerns in their area." "Whether or not you're from Rushall, we would encourage people to come along and find out what they can do to prevent themselves becoming a victim of crime."

If you think a crime prevention/property marking event would be well received at a location in your area, please let me know.

Operation Baywatch was re-launched in Walsall this weekend with neighbourhood officers patrolling the streets, posting footprint fliers through open windows and doors that were left insecure and could be easy targets for burglars. The footprint shaped fliers which are designed to ‘beat the burglar’, warns the owner that the next time they get home they may find a footprint left by a burglar. Walsall police are urging residents to consider the following simple crime prevention tips to make their homes more secure:

  • 1. Lock all windows and doors when you leave the house, even if you pop out for a short while.
  • 2. Don’t leave windows open in ground floor rooms when you are not using them.
  • 3. Don’t leave bedroom windows open which can be accessed from a flat roof, nearby wall or shed.
  • 4. Lock all windows and doors when you go to bed.
  • 5. Leave a light on when you go out or use a timer switch.
  • 6. Post code your property with an ultra violet pen.
  • 7. If you have an alarm, use it.

    Crime reduction officer Rob Pickersgill said: “Throughout the summer, as the weather gets warmer people tend to leave their windows and doors open or unlocked. This leaves your property vulnerable to opportunistic thieves. “Closing your windows and doors, not just when you go out but also when you go to bed drastically reduces your chances of becoming a victim of burglary. “Homeowners should also be wary of valuable items that are left clearly visible from their windows. Car keys left on coffee tables or handbags left by doors are easy to grab items that may encourage a burglar to target a particular house.”

    This May Save Your Life
    West Midlands Fire Service is offering a free home fire safety check to ALL Walsall Borough residents. The free check takes no more than 20-30 minutes and you may qualify for free smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detector, electric blanket and even a deep fat fryer! Visits are by appointment only and by fire service personnel in uniform.

    To book your free check call 0800 389 5525 or visit

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