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Welcome to Aldridge Crime Watch
Aldridge, Walsall, WS9, West Midlands UK.

Produced by: Kevin Pitt
Community Partnerships Officer
Walsall Police Station
01922 439103

To Reduce crime and disorder and make Aldridge area safer.

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Crime watch Report week ending Friday 7 September

Incidents of Note:

THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLE TUE 04-SEP-07 18:30 to WED 05-SEP-07 09:30 LAWSON CLOSE Offender Went To Parked And Unattended Vauxhall Corsa. Removed Both Front And Rear Plate And Made Good Escape

Phishing Information Website
For those who don’t know, ‘phishing’ (‘fishing’) is the term used to describe how on-line fraudsters try to get you to disclose personal details by sending e-mails purporting to be from your bank. Bank Safe Online is the British banking industry’s initiative to help customers stay safe online. It includes advice and examples of the latest ‘phishing’ e-mails being used by fraudsters. For more information visit

Tobacco Sales Age Change
Form 1st October 2007 the law for selling tobacco will change when it becomes illegal for under 18’s to purchase tobacco products. This is an increase from the age of 16. Products affected will include cigarettes, cigars, loose rolling tobacco and rolling papers. Tobacco retailers should, as now, display signage clearly stating the age restriction. If you notice any retailers not displaying the appropriate signage, or selling to persons you believe to be under 18, please notify Walsall trading standards department on 0845 330 3313. For more information visit

Distraction Burglaries
The first offence occurred on 31/08 in Vicarage Terrace, Walsall. The victim heard the buzzer go and by the time she got to the living room she saw a male there next to the sofa, next to her purse. The male stated that he was doing work outside and needed to turn the water pressure down. The IP told him to go and come back later when her grandson was there. When the IP later went to get her purse she realised it was missing. The offender is described as a white male, medium build, 40's, 5'4" tall, with short brown hair. He wore a white t-shirt, dark trousers and dark gloves and spoke with a posh accent (not local).

The second offence occurred on 05/09/07 in Sutton Road, Walsall, whereby the offender(s) rang the bell to the victim's address and stated there was a problem with a burst water pipe. As the victim answered the door, two offenders entered the premises and one took the IP into the kitchen whilst the other stayed by the front door. IP heard a noise and confronted the offenders in the bedroom who had made an untidy search and stolen cash and jewellery. Offender 1 is described as a white male, 5'5" tall, medium build, mid 20's, short mousey brown hair, local accent, wearing a navy blue 3/4 length nylon jacket. Offender 2 is described as a white male, 6' tall, well built, local accent, wearing a grey suit.

Please be on the alert.

Crime watch Report week ending Friday 14 September

Incidents of Note:

CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO VEHICLE FRI 07-SEP-07 23:00 to SAT 08-SEP-07 08:00 LINLEY CLOSE Unknown Offenders Approached Secure Ford Fiesta And With An Unknown Implement Have Smashed The Sunroof Glass No Entry Was Gained And Nothing Removed Offenders Then Made Good Their Escape

CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO VEHICLE SUN 09-SEP-07 16:00 to MON 10-SEP-07 06:15 PORTLAND ROAD U/K Offenders Used U/K Implement To Cause Damage To A Vehicle A Silver Bmw Damage Caused To The Side Of The Vehicle And Bonnet Offenders Made Good Escape

25 Years of Neighbourhood Watch
To celebrate 25 years of neighbourhood watch in the UK we are hoping to organise awards/recognition for long serving coordinators. If you, or anyone you know, has served for 10 years or longer as a coordinator please let me know. We would also like a little background as to how you got into NW, stories, incidents, etc.

Bogus DVLA Representative
DVLA have been informed that members of the public have been contacted by people claiming to be from DVLA requesting payment regarding either private number plates or vehicle excise duty. If you receive any such contact and cannot verify the identity of the caller please inform the police immediately.

Candy from a Baby.
A sweet-toothed gang of Romanian burglars was caught after stealing candy from a baby. They grabbed a handful of lollipops during a house raid in Italy and dumped them half-eaten nearby. But police found and tested the lollipops and managed to match up vital DNA evidence contained in saliva. Police in Alessandria identified the seven-man gang which were behind 78 robberies in the area in the last three months. The lollies had been bought by their victims for their sweet toothed toddler. A police spokesman said: "Officers found the lollipops just a few yards away from the house they robbed."

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