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Welcome to the Aldridge Newsletter
August 12th 2006

  • Shopping Trolley Tokens
  • Car insurance
  • Message in a bottle scheme
  • Essential Building Contracts
  • Mango Tree Indian Restaurant & Bar
  • Speed Date Event
  • 2004 RTA article
  • Stonnall sheds & Fencing

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    No more looking for a £1 coin to put in supermarket trolleys or Gym/Work lockers.

    Tokens are £1.50 each with proceeds to local charity, Rosie’s Helping Hands:

    Now On Sale in Aldridge at:

  • The Croft News
  • Lazy Hill Post Office
    MIAB Scheme in Aldridge

    "Message in a Bottle" is a simple, potentially life saving scheme.

    The scheme has been available across the UK for some time, and is now gaining more publicity via the Lions Club.

    Working together, the Lions, Aldridge Chiropody, Aldridge Medical centre, and will launch and promote the "Message in a bottle" service, making it available to local residents, free of charge.

    This is a real public service in the spirit of the Lions Motto " to serve the local community", so please pass the message on to friends and family, to make this valueable free service a success!

    Availablility and stock of the bottles will be announced on website and newsletters, however you are welcome to contact Alan at Aldridge web by E-mail with any questions or comments.

    The 'bottle',WHICH IS MADE OF PLASTIC, (must be kept in the fridge, where emergency services will EXPECT & LOOK to find it) contains a message telling the emergency services everything they need to know to administer the most appropriate method of help, which could otherwise be delayed.

    If an emergency occurs in your home the emergency services will look in the fridge for your bottle, and will quickly and easily be able to find out essential information such as next of kin, medication and any special needs.

    This scheme is aimed especially at elderly and vulnerable adults but can be used by anyone, AS IT PROVIDES ESSENTIAL INFORMATION.

    It works like this. The scheme provides Emergency Service staff with vital details of any illness or allergy or someone to contact should they be called to the home of anyone as a result of sudden illness or personal accident.

    Your personal details are stored in your bottle, which is kept in the fridge.
    Two small stickers (as shown)
    known to Emergency Service staff and other caring agencies, are attached within the house - one on the inside of the front door and the other on your fridge door.

    The sort of details needed in an emergency may be a name, next of kin or friends to contact, allergies, regular medications, doctor’s details and medical information.

    The Emergency Services are aware of the scheme, will look for the Green Cross stickers on the inside of the front door and find the information in the bottle which is kept in the fridge.

    This scheme is free to the user.

    Whilst it is focused on the more vulnerable people in our community, anyone can fall downstairs or have a accident, so this scheme can benefit anyone, including you.

    As a minimum it will save the Emergency Services valuable time identifying you and your emergency contacts, by telling whether you have special medication or allergies or not, it is a potential lifesaver and provides peace of mind to users, friends and families.

    Essential Building Contracts ( Aldridge )

  • New Build
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Renovation
  • Plumbing
  • Decoration
  • Alteration
  • Roofing
  • Project Management

    When delivering results is essential…Just call 0800 298 6022 or place an enquiry online via our new website Essential

    The months of August and September see high levels of car insurance renewal, and at present major companies are battling to offer you the best deal.

    Below are details worth checking from 3 well known companies:


  • Up to 65% No Claims Discount (or up to 70% if you’re 50 or over)
  • Guaranteed courtesy car and 5 year guarantee on repairs through our approved repairers
  • 24-hour accident recovery helpline with comprehensive cover

    Prudential Car insurance

    The Churchill Challenge

    Challenge Churchill is the beginning of a new era for the Churchill brand. We are inviting the people of Britain, to challenge us for a better deal but also for whatever else they want from their insurer and insurance.

    Enhanced Courtesy Car launched August sees the launch of Churchill’s Enhanced Courtesy Car. The product, from just 7p a day is designed for customers who need more than a Class A courtesy car. It guarantees customers a replacement car similar to that of their own, even people carriers. Another great product offering from Churchill!

    What's more, independent research (Consumer Intelligence Jan-Mar 2006) shows that new customers could save as much as £150 by switching to Churchill. Our prices are reviewed every week to make sure premiums remain competitive.

    NatWest Car Insurance

    NatWest Car Insurance includes:
  • up to 65% no claims discount (up to 70% for over 50s)
  • 24-hour accident helpline
  • courtesy car for the duration of any repair with an approved repairer (subject to availability)
  • discounted breakdown cover from award-winning Green Flag Motoring Assistance Nat west Car Insurance
    Mango Tree Restaurant invites you to dine and enjoy the best Indian cuisine and live music, with top soul and motown singer "Niya", back by popular demand, on 25th August 2006 !

    For only £24.95 per person, you can enjoy our 4 course banquet style menu, which includes our award winning Murgh Jardaloo (chicken with apricot) dish as well as a range of other mouth watering dishes for you to feast upon.

    So come to Mango Tree for a great evening out where you can sit back, relax and enjoy... or dance the night away!

    Early booking is recommended for this, at £24.95 per person inc 4 course banquet meal.

    Mango Tree Indian Restaurant & Bar
    Chester road, Stonnall. WS9 9HJ
    Phone: 01922 457 344
    Web site: Mango Tree

    Speed Date at the Whitehouse Pub in Aldridge on Tues 12 Sept.
    Age group 35+, starts 8.15pm, Costs £12.
    Advanced bookings to Maggie are absolutely essential !
    Tel:07738 174 711
    Between 20 and 40 people are expected for a fun night out and the chance to make new friends !

    Lorry driver admits charges over death of Aldridge resident in 2004, for more information see the report by The Express & Star
    Stonnall Sheds, Wendy Houses and Log Cabins Ltd
    Telephone: 01922 458060
    Mill Green Farm, Chester Rd, Aldridge. WS9 0LR
    Speak to Dermot about your requirements, and mention Aldridge website !
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