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Welcome to the Aldridge Newsletter

July 2006



OFFICE 40 £1,400.00 175 SQ.FT.

OFFICE 42 £2,900.00 360 SQ.FT.

OFFICE 46-48 £4,350.00 553 SQ.FT.

OFFICE 60 £1,712.00 214 SQ.FT.






The offices are situated on the first and second floors of this modern office building.

WC: All offices share WC and wash basin.

LEASE: The offices will be offered on new leases on flexible terms.

SERVICE CHARGE: The service charge is variable to include cleaning of common areas, lighting, heating, repairs and maintenance, refuse collection and management charges.

LEGAL COSTS: The in-going tenant will be responsible for both parties legal costs incurred in the transaction.

VAT: The Landlord does elect to charge VAT.

VIEWING: Strictly by prior appointment with the Agents.

Tim Cox Associates
37A Guild Street
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6QY
Tel - 01789 269444
Fax - 01789 295532
Email - Laura Contact: Laura

Attention Bus spotters or enthusiasts...Call yourself what ever you like !
If you are interseted in the MCW METROBUSES please read on.......
Is there anybody out there who would like to share Travel West Midlands MCW METROBUS bus spotting / admiring with me?

This is open to everyone, contact me by email Pete

Thanks, Pete from Aldridge.

Masked men steal 4 Chihuahua dogs from owners home.

See the BBC TV Report Here which explains this story and shows pictures of the stolen dogs. If you can help in the recovery of these much loved, valued and missed family pets, you could claim a reward of £5,000.
If you can help, but would rather remain annonymous, contact Alan at Aldridge-web

Summer Football Coaching Courses
for Girls & Boys age 6 - 12
plus specialist Goalkeeper coaching

Held here in Aldridge, at Outo Kumpu Sports & Social Club, Middlemore lane.
4 ( weekly ) courses available from Mon to Fri starting at 10am till 3pm
week 1 = mon 24 July
week 2 = mon 31 July
week 3 = mon 7 Aug
week 4 = mon 21 Aug
For More information call Antony Isherwood on 01922 745157

Show me the Honey !.....Aldridge-web goes out investigating....

Meeting a Local Professional Bee Keeper with 2 million bees, who want shorter flowers and more honey

...and on a more serious note, we found that....

Natural English Honey is in shortage this year, due to low temperatures in Spring.

Even Bee's don't like a cold wet Spring, which is why they stay in the hive waiting for warmer weather. A Hive will have around 60,000 Bees, but if disease or other influences reduce that number to around 10,000 they will all die from from the heat generted in the hive, which can't be regulated to a crtical constant tempreature, by the bees beating their wings.

Typically a hive needs at least an acre of flower abundant land such as yellow rape, star flower or blue heather, dependant on season and location, to produce good honey in volume.

forager bee's collect pollen and nectar for food and to produce honey. The full honeycomb cells are capped with wax as a food store, to be used when the outside weather and temperature stops foraging activity, this store of honey is harvested by the bee keeper. In return he provides a special formulae for them to feed on when they are not active.

Organic Honey, which by definition means, honey produced by bees visiting land and plants untreated by chemicals, is very hard to find, simply because bee's "fly freely" to gather pollen and nectar, and don't complete a declaration on return to the hive for quality control and organic regulations.( Maybe that's why you don't see men in white coats with clip board and pen chasing bee's around the fields )

Honey from the hives of a local Bee keeper will have a colour and taste that varies with the source of local flowers and the season, that's the variation you will see in a natural product.

Honey produced in your local area can best be described as not technically organic, but natural, and many people feel it helps hayfever sufferers too.

Chemical treatment of bees overseas to keep them healthy is widespread, however British Bee keepers are not permitted to use chemicals to treat bees.
Commercially sold honey, often imported from overseas, typically goes through high preassure filtration treatments which remove important elements changing both flavour and colour. This helps to allow jars of honey to appear on the supermarket shelf with a consistant appearance all year round.

To experience the real flavour of local Natural honey and a wide range of Organic fruit & veg Produce, Visit Organic Planet, 210 Walsall Wood road, Aldridge WS9 8HB
Tel: 01922 743983

Organic planet

Do you have a group of under 5’s to entertain ?

Then I tell stories and sing songs to do just that!

Location: I operate within a five mile radius of Aldridge.

Cost: £25 per half hour performance

Email Louise

Phone: 07914 803117

Louise Everist

Family sized 4 burner gas BBQ complete with hardwood trolley
£ 155 including Free Delivery and £10 donation to Rosie's Helping Hands Charity
The best price 4 burner gas BBQ on the internet !Take a look at the best BBQ offer on the internet, available right here in Aldridge.
Read the full details and See it yourself !

Are you Left handed ?

See how YOU can benefit from our left-handed products.

We have been providing left-handed products and information for lefthanders since 1968 and have over 250 products that will make a real difference for you.

We guarantee you will love anything you try.

The left handed site

It Takes 2
Speed dating comes to Aldridge

Venue : The White House @ 8.15 pm

Dates to be confirmed

Call Maggie for more details on 07738 174711

"Mission completed" Peter Humphreys takes a moment to relax and say thanks to Heart Care staff and volunteers for their organisation of the 4 mile Sponsored Walk on 2ND JULY from The Dilke, Aldridge.

For more information about ”Peter 2006 Heart Challenges” and "Heart Care" see his Online Diary

The New "Tom Tom GO 910" Sat nav system
An Overview and Price check by Aldridge-web

So easy to use:

Extra wide 4” LCD touchscreen gives you smart design and easy to use navigation literally at your fingertips.

Maps of the whole of Europe, the USA and Canada on hard disk: Door-to-door navigation across Europe, the USA and Canada.

Clear spoken instructions, including street and place names:

TomTom GO 910 speaks some 36 languages in over 50 different voices and can even announce street and place names.

Hands-free calling: Doubles as a hands-free car kit using Bluetooth® technology. So you can make & receive calls as you drive with just a touch of the screen.

Smart extras: Built-in Mp3 player; 20 Gb (12 Gb free) of hard disk, enough for 1000’s of songs and pictures; remote control; and much more.

The Price does vary from £ 550 down to the £499 suggested selling price, but with some quick checks you will find special offers at £ 464.
Below are the 2 best sources we have found on the internet.
A little tip, if you buy on E-bay, you should ALWAYS check the seller feedback for a high satisfaction rating by customers.
Treat with caution a seller who has sold few items and/or has high negative feedback rating.

Among all the online retailers, Satnav 2 u is at present the lowest priced supplier of the Tom Tom 910 as we write this review.( £464.00 )


Sat Nav 2 You

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