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November Newsletter 2006

  • Welcome to the newsletter, please feel free to forward this information to your friends, and as this is a community newsletter, you can always suggest items to be included, just use the contact link at the top.

  • Aldridge Rotary Club "Tree of Light", which is in Morrison's foyer, together with the dedications, have a special new website, all the details can be found here along with the Aldridge Christmas tree appeal and "Dotty & Dizzy, the slightly barmy carol singers who will appear in Aldridge precinct on Saturday Dec 2 nd, oh, i nearly forgot, there's also a tasty recipe for children to make biscuits do please take a look !

  • A 20 metre high phone mast is set to go up on a building after mobile phone giants were banned from installing such a structure at six other sites.

    The mast in Aldridge, will replace a previous one, but be shared by T Mobile and o2.

    It will include three dishes and a further nine antennae. The applicants were forced into the move following strong opposition from businesses in the area and residents. It will be built at the building of H Mason Ltd, in Northgate, Aldridge, subject to Walsall Council planning approval.

    Aldridge Fire Station bosses said no to one at its site, plans for Lazy Hill Public House were dismissed because it's a listed building, while the owners of Abbey Mechanical Services and Bullock Construction both said no.

    Further options at a grassed area in Herbert Road were turned down as well as Leigh’s Wood Urban Space.

    The new mast is being installed to provide coverage for the 3G next generation phones.

    Residents put together a 19-name petition against the current plans, which will go before Walsall Council’s development control committee next week.

    A report drawn up for councillors says: “The siting and appearance was considered acceptable as this is a commercial area and the equipment would be viewed against a backdrop of exisiting floodlights.

    “The relationship between the proposal and existing properties has not altered.”

    Both grassed areas in the area were turned down as a potential site because officers felt it would mean the area would suffer from a “proliferation of masts.”

    The application is recommended for approval subject to a number of conditions.

    If it goes ahead tests will be carried out to make sure omissions are within Government limits.( As reported in the Express & star)

  • Deborah Holmes of Aldridge, whose son is serving in the dangerous Hellman region of Afghanistan is asking business in Walsall to help her make Christmas a little cheerier for the troops with donations to send out to troops, to remind them that those at home have not forgot them.

    Mrs Holmes' son Richard is part of a bomb disposal team with the Royal Engineers attached to 42 Command Brigade, which has taken over, what was until recently, the most dangerous posting for British soldiers anywhere in the world.

    Mrs Holmes said the brigade will be on operational tour until next year and very few of the troops will get leave for Christmas and New Year.

    Saying families are able to send parcels free to the troops, she is now asking businesses to donate items that will be help them get through being separated from their families.

    "We want to send parcels out to them with a Christmas theme and also day to day items like shower gel and toiletries," she said.

    "It is just to cheer them up for Christmas and to let them know that although they won't be able to get back for Christmas, we are thinking of them.

    "After all, they are doing it for everybody here so I think it's time to give something back."

    Mrs Holmes said parcels can weigh no more than 2kg and must be sent by December 12.

    Already cake makers Fletchers in Walsall have said they will donate a Christmas cake to the troops and Cardcorner from Aldridge market is sending Santa hats.

    Anyone wishing to send items can contact Mrs Holmes on 077845 76786.

    ( As reported by Walsall Advertiser )

    Do you shop on line ? As Christmas is fast approaching, i have created a super page that allows you to see the best offers from a huge range of popular on-line stores, right here ! I am sure you will be very impressed by the range of suppliers and products, even if you dont buy, it could save you a lot of foot slogging looking for presents ! (thankyou, it does help me earn a little money too )

    Institute of Advanced Motorists, meet on the first Sunday of each month at 09.30 at Aldridge Community Centre. Our aim is to train as many drivers as we can allowing them to take and pass their Advanced Driving Test.

    We are all volunteers that have gone though advanced training and we will make you very welcome. If you would like to know more and check on the next meeting date - please ring our secretary Shirley Mills on 0121 358 3022.

    We hope you will join us and find out more about Advanced Driving - you owe it to yourself and your family.

    National Web Site:

    Thank you Mike Bentley

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