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Aldridge Newsletter for October 2006

  • Oh dear...I have been a little distracted with a number of other things including the "Aldridge Christmas tree appeal" and have let the newsletter slip, so my apologies are offered to you !

  • I will just have to work harder to catch up, and if i may, i would ask you to read more about the Christmas tree appeal here with additional information about events in Aldridge for Christmas.( updated as more info arrives )We are making good progress with the tree Appeal and need to raise donations to meet the target by the 20th of November, so any help you can offer is much valued !

  • Onwards with the newsletter....much of what i provide here is from my own research, and also includes articles from the local press, internet sources and local people.Where possible i provide the headline and a link direct to the source of information, rather than my own words.

  • my first story is a good example....Did you know your garden is classed as "Brownfield land", and may be ripe for building ?"brownfield garden story here

  • Brenda in Aldridge, asked that i introduce you to :

    "The Rose Centre"

    Introductory Offer for "Complimentary Therapies" with 25% off first treatment just for quoting "Aldridge website"

  • Hot Stone massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Theraputic massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Reflexology
  • Kinesiology ( Muscle Testing )
  • Nutrional advice
  • Food Sensitivity advice
  • Food Intolerance Assessments
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Stress Counselling
  • Stress management Workshops

    Gift vouchers are also available to give someone a special treat !

    Call Brenda Pemberton to discuss which therapy interests you most, or indeed for any further information...on 01922 453 452

    The rose Centre
    137 Walsall wood road

    You can contribute to this news letter too, with local information, stories and news, just contact Alan

  • Some stories in the media are so easy to miss, but how about.... Domino's Pizza coming to Aldridge ?

  • If you are a sports fan, you may follow a local chap who returned to boxing recently.... Leigh Hallet wins first professional fight

  • Aldridge Youth Theatre has announced that it's next production is the pantomime “Babes in the Wood” with performences on:
  • 12th/13th/18th/19th/20th/25th/26th/27th, of January 2007 at 7:30pm.
    Plus 3 matinees at 2:30pm on the 13th/20th and 27th.
    Box office details and ticket prices are avilable from
    The Youth Theatre website

  • I often see flowers on the side of Walsall road, near the Airfield, which possible relate to this story... Driver Jailed for causing death in 2004

  • A local car dealership also appeared in the press.... Aldridge car company celebrate 3 years in business

  • Aldridge headteacher expressed her concerns that parents be aware of new regulations about Childrens " Booster seats "

  • Those of you who like to play the lottery, will know that the Euro Lottery has rolled over to accumulate a fund of £ 100 Million pounds that again..and if you fancy a chance to share some of that..Aldridge website ( yes it's my site ) has a invitation to play with better odds in your favour...don't que in a shop, click here !
    want to see more information befor you enter ?
    be my guest, see how it works for yourself !

  • Parking in Aldridge like so many places these days could be just a bit more difficult.... Traffic warden blitz planned for Aldridge

  • Free taster sessions and one to one tutor support for computer and IT skills arriving in Aldridge soon !Free computer training here

    Does anyone want a very heavy "Fly press complete with V blocks?" Email Best offers please...see, the most odd things can appear in this newsletter !

  • I saw a report recently about certain breeds of dogs being stolen to order, which reminded me of an unresolved theft in Aldridge....4 dogs stolen from owners back garden

  • By-Election date announced Aldridge North and Walsall Wood ward

  • Aldridge fertility clinic held a special party for the 18th Birthday of first IVF baby

  • Rosie's Walk event in Aldridge ON TRACK TO RAISE £18,000 THIS YEAR !

  • Aldridge swimming sensation Eleanor Simmonds has made history youngest person ever to be called up by Great Britain for a major international

  • Fancy the sport of boules, at the Anchorage Over 55s Club in Aldridge ?
    Members at the centre in Anchor Meadow say they are proud of having the only boules pitch in the borough, which was officially opened by Walsall's mayor, Councillor Barbara McCracken.The centre are also used for other activities including bowling, art, dancing and computer studies.

  • virus warnings sent by email are often well intentioned and often originate from a trustworthy source, like your friends, but a number of these can be hoax messages, but it is very hard to know the difference and very easy to get caught out, i should know, I am sorry to admit that i passed onto my readers, a message from a very reliable source, and based on the people who replied, to tell me that it was a hoax, i know that on only 1% of my readers are aware of this problem, so accept my apologies and read The Mcafee hoax information page ( note: there are other sources of this information on the web )

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