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Aldridge Newsletter 14th September 2006

live music event on Friday 22nd Sept with Roy Carter of the 1970's "Heatwave" pop group.

Roy will be singing the most memorable soul and motown songs from the 70's through to 90's decades as well as recent ones. Roy was so popular when he performed a couple of weeks ago we decided to book him again!

So if you have an occasion to celebrate then come along to "Mango Tree" where you can enjoy award winning cuisine with great music and atmosphere.

"Wine Tasting" with Dinner Evening at Mango Tree Indian Restaurant & Bar on Tues 26th Sept 7.30pm
Come along for a champagne reception and 5 course meal from our award winning cuisine as well as a tasting of specially selected fine wines to accompany each course. You will also have the chance to put your questions to top wine expert Clive Whitcomb from Churchill Vintners who will be hosting the event. The price for the event is £34.95 per person ( including wine ) call now for further information and to reserve your table.

Mango Tree Indian Restaurant & Bar
Chester Road
West Midlands, WS9 9HJ

Phone: 01922 457 344
Web site: Mango Tree

Please see the Special offers and Promotions available locally in Aldridge area from local companies

Absolute Beginners line dancing Class starts Tueday 5th sept at Aldridge Community centre 9.45 till 10.45, for more information call 07979 832184

An Appeal:
Please can you help to put names to a group of Soldiers photographed in Aldridge around the 1940's more details here via link to Staffs Home Guard website

Rosie’s charity has an opportunity for a local business to be promoted on our 2007 calendar, which is magnetic so it can be placed permanently on a fridge, radiator etc at home or in the office. The calendar will be in full colour measuring 12cm x 18cm. We shall distribute the calendar during December with our newsletter to 800 of our supporters, mainly in Aldridge and surrounding areas. The sponsor will receive 200 calendars for their own use. The calendar will highlight the date of Rosie’s Walk and Festival in July and will have colourful pictures from previous walks. The sponsors will have their name, contact details and logo printed at the bottom of the calendar.

We are looking for sponsorship of £500 which will ultimately benefit local children and youth projects/groups with such things as toys, equipment and staff. To assist with production times we shall need to have positive replies by Friday 29th September. Interested sponsors can contact me anytime either by phone (01922 456398) or e-mail to: Karen Ross
For more information about the charity, please visit our website at Rosie's Helping hands

Toy Fair on Sunday September 24th starts 10.30 am at Oak Park Leisure centre with £1 admission for adults and 50p for Children

call mandy on 0121 360 4144 for more information
"Gifts from the heart Invitation to Christmas Preview" An Evening of Mince pies and Mulled Wine

The next meeting of Brownhills and Aldridge North Local Neighbourhood Partnership will be held at Tynings Lane School on monday 25th September, to promote a safe and strong community, starting at 6pm prompt.

Large room to let within Victorian house in Aldridge property details and map here

Aldridge based " Henwood Court Financial Planning Limited" has chosen Aldridge website to help local residents looking for a free, no obligation consultation in all areas of personal finance.
For more information visit:
Dedicated and passionate about providing quality independant financial advice

Eliss Morgan to appear in Sleeping Beauty at Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre Aldridge Ballet Dancer appears in show

Peter Whitehouse of Aldridge gets a taste of 2012 Olympics Full story here

Commercial property available in Aldridge

shop: 500 square feet.

Offices: from 175 square feet upto 553 sq feet

Tel: Tim Cox Associates 01789 269444

website: Tim Cox

The new Brickyard Road, Aldridge, Apartments are "ideal" Brickyard road Apartments story

ALBERT SQUARE appearance for Hannah YarnallHannah Yarnall appears in Eastenders

Hannah's mum, Jo Yarnall, has also been speaking on radio recently, about the Storyline in Eastenders and You can listen to the radio interview here

Aldridge Local Neighbourhood meeting. Tuesday, September 12, starting at 6pm.

Nameplate Uk offers a full signage and label solution in Aldridge Nameplate Uk for all your signage needs, please click here

Aldridge based Midlands fertility services makes the news IC Birmingham report here

Business is good for Bodycote of Aldridge Express & star report on Bodycote

Staff at Aldridge based Azzurri have reason to celebrateFull IC Birmingham report on Azzurri

Aldridge Magistrates Court to closeAldridge Court Closure report here

Arson attack at Redhouse primary schoolfull story on Redhouse school

pardon for Executed Aldridge soldierLance Corporal Frederick Hawthorne of Aldridge

Local Boxer steps back into the ring Leigh Hallett returns as professional boxer

Cyclists meet in AldridgeSunday, September 17th, Anchor Road, at 9.45am.

Carjacked at home in Aldridge2 men steal car from driver in broad daylight

Aldridge shops under threatModifications & trading restrictions

September Facts:

  • September begins on the same day of the week as December every year.
  • September's flower is the aster or morning glory.
  • September's birthstone is the sapphire.
  • In the year 1752, in the British Empire, the Gregorian calendar was adopted and as a result September did not have days numbered 3–13.
  • September in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to March in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.
  • World War II began on September 1, 1939 following Hitler's invasion of Poland and ended on the same month, September 2, 1945 with the Japanese surrender.
  • Caligula (Roman Emperor 37-41 AD) attempted to rename September "Germanicus" after his father.
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends is a song by Green Day. The lead vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song because his father died in September when Billie Joe was 10.
  • In Venice on the first Sunday of September the regata storica is held, a parade as prelude to the rowing contests known as regattas.
  • On 11 September, 1973, democratically elected Marxist President Salvador Allende of Chile was overthrown by General Augusto Pinochet as part of a US-backed coup. Some 3000 individuals are known to have been executed under his rule.
  • The September 11, 2001 attacks destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City, part of The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and crashed a passenger airliner in Pennsylvania. In total, almost 3,000 are killed.
  • On the third of September, 1939, the United Kingdom declared war on Germany for its refusal to remove forces from Poland. It is generally seen in Britain as the beginning of the second world war.
    Famous Birthdays:
  • 9th September 1960 - Hugh Grant
  • 12th September 1944 - Barry White
  • 15th September 1984 - Prince Harry
  • 21st September 1947 - Stephen King
  • 23rd September 1949 - Bruce Springsteen
  • 24th September 1941 - Linda McCartney
  • 25th September 1969 - Catherine Zeta Jones
  • 26th September 1948 - Olivia Newton John
  • 28th September 1972 - Gwyneth Paltrow

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